What's this about?

There's trouble in the Sleep Kingdom! It's up to the Sleep Princess and her Sukhothai Doll to solve the food crisis before the animals start to eat each other!

What started out as a freestyle bedtime story, full of errors and awkward pacing, has since become this full-blown narrated fairytale. And I love it! There's something about creating that's just magical, and even though my logical side wants to bend and shape all my work to be as perfect as I can make it, sometimes things are better left raw. Perhaps that gives it more character? Either way, this was a great learning experience for me and took my icon-drawing skills to new places. Thanks to V for his long hours behind the audio desk, and awesome effort with this story. I have no doubt that I really could not have done it without you! ~ Roger

Who did this?

© 2017 Renegades of .CO.ZA for wemadethisup.com

Icons: Roger the Jolly Icon-maker

Audio engineer: Vaughan

The Sleep Princess & The Sukhothai Doll cover illustration: Ivan Sadler


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