Did you ever have a story just pop into your head?

Well we love that feeling so much we made a website for it. Join us as we navigate the peaks and valleys of our imagination on a quest to invent new stories to entertain you.

We are theRenegadesof .CO.ZA.

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  • The Honey Badger and the Pot of Gold

    The Honey Badger and the Pot of Gold

    Mr Badger, the African honey badger, has found a mysterious pot that he’s sure is filled with golden honey. Now if only he could get it open...


  • The (Very Bad Wizard and the) Bamboo Princess

    The (Very Bad Wizard and the) Bamboo Princess

    Sometimes bad doesn’t mean evil; rather just not very good. Luckily there’s always a magical, bamboo-wielding princess nearby to sort it out.


  • Forever Sleeping Heart

    Forever Sleeping Heart

    A poem from a father to his daughter in a world where even magic might not be enough.


  • Throw Your Toys Out

    Throw Your Toys Out

    Five steps of excellent advice about writing from a successful never-was writer to a nobody-buddy about how to overcome the bumps in the road to creative satisfaction, and avoid becoming a bitter cynic.


  • A Kiss of Magic

    A Kiss of Magic

    Fairy tales taught you and I the blessings and curses of magic, but have you ever wondered about the finer details?


  • Wishing Tunnel

    Wishing Tunnel

    A modern-day campfire story about assuming all family legends are just that: legends.


  • The Sleep Princess & The Sukhothai Doll

    The Sleep Princess & The Sukhothai Doll

    There's trouble in the Sleep Kingdom! It's up to the Sleep Princess and her Sukhothai Doll to solve the food crisis before the animals start to eat each other!