Did you ever have a story just pop into your head?

Well we love that feeling so much we made a website for it. Join us as we navigate the peaks and valleys of our imagination on a quest to invent new stories to entertain you.

We are theRenegadesof .CO.ZA.

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  • Throw Your Toys Out

    Throw Your Toys Out

    Five steps of excellent advice about writing from a successful never-was writer to a nobody-buddy about how to overcome the bumps in the road to creative satisfaction, and avoid becoming a bitter cynic.


  • A Kiss of Magic

    A Kiss of Magic

    Fairy tales taught you and I the blessings and curses of magic, but have you ever wondered about the finer details?


  • Wishing Tunnel

    Wishing Tunnel

    A modern-day campfire story about assuming all family legends are just that: legends.